Be dare to shout!


Things are bad. And you don’t know what to do? Find a place to shout!

This short technique will help you get rid of a strong tension in a munites!

1.Use only words and phrases which help you feel better!
2. Don’t be afraid of you anger! SHOUT! SHOUT IT LOUD!
3. You DO NOT judge yourself for everything happening in that place! What’s happened there are going to stay there!
4. Don’t hurt anyone physically. Especially yourself! If you came to that place to be along – SHOUT! SHOUT IT LOUD ABOUT YOUR PAIN! AS BAD AS YOU CAN!
5. Any EMOTIONS is GOOD from you!
6. Treat people well in your real life, even if you think they don’t worth it! If you feel that you CAN’T – come back there and SHOUT!
7. Don’t ask what to do – express your pain!




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