To catch a lucky break


It’s quite challenging to overcome the jealousy of those who are going thru life easy and doesn’t stumble upon obstacles much.

Every time when we see them we would address the “lucky” word as if that would be a cursing. They got everything without effort, they just lucky! They don’t have to worry about stuff, they safe no matter what!

But that’s actually wrong. They choose to be that way! That’s all. The difference between the lucky and unlucky guys is only the matter of choice.

You can be the “lucky guy” too if you want to. Here are some principles of your behavior that needed to be changed.

  1. You are afraid of being The Lucky Guy! Your first thought will be , “Of course, I am not afraid! What are you talking about?” But just think about that. What if tomorrow some guy would call you from NBC and will tell that they saw you somewhere in social media and they want you for their show NOW! And then they want to promote this show in differents countries and it will take you 4 mounts of filming and 2 months on promoting the tour. And no one for sure will people love you after that? When will you back home? How many affection will in gained to your daily life? How many changes? Do you ready that not all of your friends and family will support you? Are you ready to the hater? After all, we believe that all successful people are serious and they must have some problems. And if you The lucky Guy, most likely you superficial and immature.
  2. What framework do you live? “Oh he/she is too good for me”, “This job is too good to be true,”I can’t move to another country. I need to make a plan than to save enough money than to find a safe place..e.t.c.” And until you stigmatizing yourself with being “not good enough”, someone who is much more confident will get this job/this boyfriend/girlfriend/chance. And they don’t care if they have lack experience. They will build it in the process. The lucky people are not the ones who starting from limitations. They start with their passion. And will or won’t is the question of time.
  3. Do you live in harmony? Do you get enough rest? If you do something against your will power one day it will be expressed in external circumstances. When you exhausted and dreaming for some rest Murphy’s law will follow you everywhere.
  4. How do you look at things? So, the glass if half empty for you? Or half full?
  5. Are you are willing to risk? Most of us will sit and wait for the better moment. Then will sit and wait for some guarantees. But the thing is, there is no such thing as a perfect moment. The best moment to go and do something is NOW! So if you have something you’ve been curious about – do it now! No one has guaranteed, but The Lucky Guy at least will have a chance to try.
  6. Do you see the signs of a bad luck? People who are unhappy will accept every bad situation in their life as a must have. “Well, life is tough”, “The world is unfair” and so on.
  7. Make a lesson from your bad moments. It’s a great experience, in fact, it’s free. Of course, we all hear the statement – learn from mistakes of others. But how many people really does that? Unfortunately, the greatest teacher for most of us is the pain. It’s always clear, effective and memorable. If we still upset, why not to learn from that? Don’t waste such an experience.
  8. The fate is not responsible for your bad times! There is nothing to do with fate. Things happen!  The Lucky Guy will have the courage to work with his destiny. He won’t make a bet on being lucky. He will work each and every possible scenario and then make a conclusion which way to go.

Take care and don’t be afraid to be The Lucky Guy! 🙂


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