On the way to be free!


Too high expectation about yourself or how your life should be like do nothing but prevent you from being happy.

You always say NO to something or someone new in your life if your past is still here. If subconsciously you are still holding it, by being undercover of the word – experience.

Set you free. On the way to perfection, we go through a lot. And completely forget about one little thing. When we are free we are capable to self-healing.

Look at people when they are under pressure. Or when they have stress. Depression. Anxiety. Do they have clarity in their situation? Do they able to look at their problems from the perspective of the other side? Do they know what to do?

How to get back the ability of self-healing?

A broken heart and a pain that we are experiencing from a lot of different situations in obtaining the life experience really make us closed and isolated from society. “I like him/her so much. I am afraid to do something wrong. What if something happens and he/she gonna hate me after?”

Don’t make your life even more complicated! You need to believe that being flexible is good for you. Be faithful to your ideals but don’t forget to smooth the corners. No ones are perfect! And life isn’t always about perfect moments and opportunities all the time. It’s not about being someone people want you to be 24/7. It’s insane.

  1. Get rid of your buzzing thoughts! Sports will help.
  2. Break any pressure. Sports will help.
  3. Treat yourself. Just because you are awesome! No need to find a super reason. Maybe  you are an amazing singer/artists/creator? Learn how to feel good by walking under the gray sky.

Always seek a balance between positive and negative experiences in your life. If the last week were tough for you, treat yourself to something good. It doesn’t always have to be something that solving your problems. Just seek for something that will make you feel better. A positive experience will make you stronger. And little by little, you will gain your freedom back.

Always keep you dignity and take care.


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