The importance of the positive experience


Today I want to share with you one secret that made a lifetime changes for me. I got it from my coach. Several years ago, when I had sports training I’ve been a very insecure type of person. Moreover, I was very dispersed. I got inspired easily, but I had such a lack of determination to go through the whole process.

In fact, seeing the success of others didn’t bring me as much motivation, as it brings me an inferiority feeling. The idea of competition just terrified me. Why compete if I will lose anyway? Even the fact that my body physic was better and I were stronger. I spend hours and hours of training every day. I almost didn’t have rest days. And when I did, I felt guilty. And the more I trained the more unreliable and inferiority I felt. I didn’t even realize what kind of pressure I’m putting myself in with no reason. And no one told me that. Until him…

He starts to train me and on the second day he told me: “You don’t have a positive experience, don’t you?”
I didn’t understand him, “What do you mean?”
He: “When you never experienced something in your life, you don’t know that you can, deserve or able to win that.”
Me: “Yes, but I am trying so hard. I work every day to become better. I sweat, I got injuries, I risk!”
He: “No matter how hard you’ll work on that. Do you even win something before? Do you ever compete at this level for real?”
“No, I don’t…” – I was so upset. All trying for nothing. I was frustrated.
He: “Look I didn’t say that you can’t do it. I just said that you have a lack of positive experience. Fix that and you will be able to do a lot!” 

And then he told me about the positive experience approach in his training.

The idea of this approach is that no matter what you do, always complete it on a positive note. Seek for a happy ending whatever it sounds like 😉
The benefit of the positive experiences will appear only when your subconscious mind will be saturated with the positive memories from the past, which increases self-esteem and motivating for new achievements.

Efficiency terms:

  • follow the working/training system
  • availability information/resources and it’s feasible
  • constant work every day – just keep doing!
  • control and correction results
  • summary your personal qualities and identify your “cool” factor
  • the combination of individual, group and collective forms of efforts, and so on.

When your positive experience is strong enough you will remember it every time, when you will start something new. So you will reduce fear and pressure, and prejudgment from the beginning. And that means that the possible level of your success will increase in many times.

A human being with a strong positive experience is inherently more resistant to different types of failure and shocks in life, which can easily crush anyone, but not him!

Take care! And seek for a happy ending  in everything you do. Whatever it sounds like 😉



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