The rhythm of communication


The ratio of speaking and keeping silence in our daily life is constant. This means that every day we need some time to talk and a certain amount of time to be silent.

This law works clearly enough for us. And we have to follow our natural or familiar to our own rhythms of communication – otherwise, we will start to feel anxiety, stress, and worsen mood and general health.

We actually can say that each of us has something like a counter in our brain that indicates the moment we over talked and need to be quiet, or if we are silent for too long and it’s time for us to join the conversation. It’s very important for us to have a balance between the moments we talk and being quiet.

If somebody around you over taught, you will see usually this person cutting off himself from communication for a while. To get this balance back. It happens because we need to feel psychological defense for ourselves (we get tired of communicating with other people, we need to follow and respond their behavior, we need time to process information, we need to answer their questions e. t. c.)

There are many professions that ruin the natural rhythm of communication. Such as teachers, leaders, journalists, doctors, lawyers, guides, sales managers, e. t. c. For leaders, communication takes up to 80% of their time. These people need a break from their communication routine by the end of the day to recover.

To make your partner feel comfortable and relaxed you want to find his/her unique rhythm of communication and follow it. On this case, this person will think that you are on the same wavelength with him/her. Listen when needed and talk when you are allowed and most likely your partner will feel extremely positive about you.

The material has been written for this course


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