Does your speech infected?


Studies show that almost 99% of people use words-parasites. Such words as “um”, “well”, “so”, “by the way” e.t .c are infecting our speech on regular basis. We don’t even recognize that we use it. And starting to feel insecure when someone put attention on that.

But every situation can be viewed in two ways. If you patient enough and able to notice every tiny detail about your partner you can learn from that a lot. The parasite-words will be an indicator for you that will tell about the character of your partner more that you think. So, watch him carefully. If he uses such word as:

“Actually” this word will often use an insecure type of people. These individuals can throw such a scandal out of the blue. And they act like that because of their uncertainty.

“It’s just”/”Just” is more often used by people whose opinions can’t be independent. They are highly dependent on their environment and afraid to take any kind of responsibility.
These people will find a million ways of excuses before they will “fall down” in front of the eyes of public completely.

“By the way” – this word used by people who really needs attention. They usually feel uncomfortable in the new company, and trying to cover their shyness in words. Next time when you will hear that someone will use this phrase “by the way” pay attention on how strongly that attract the attention of the audience.

“In fact” is often used by people who don’t want to do their job. Perhaps they are unreliable and impulsive, so it’s not necessary to them to try hard. Also, such people are very good at avoidance of any punishment. They will easily blame those who are close to them at the moment.

“Whatever” this word is used by creative natures. Such people are often spending their time on their own. In their fantasy world. It is an expression for these people who unknowingly emphasize their essence. Their isolation from society. Their attitude to life.

“That means” will often use real conservatives in their speech. They are against everything new and unknown to them. Their opinions also can be proved by resorting to an aggressive style of conversation.

“In short”/”Long story short”such words and phrases is a measure of haste, aggression, and nervousness. Most likely, the person who uses it has a choleric character. Some of these people can be considered as people with the unbalanced nervous system. You also will find them very chatty.

“In reality”/”Reality is this” if you hear that phrases, that will signal that you are dealing with self-confident and self-centered human individual. He/she will trust only themselves, their experience and their opinions. Is not easy to make a friendship with them, because they usually consider themselves as a unique and unrepeatable type of people. You will see that they surrounding themselves with the same people.This is just an audience. Faceless mass for their life performances.





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