James Borg and his types of conversationalists… Part 1


James Borg, in his book “The Power of persuasion. The Art of Influence People” identifies five main types of conversationalists. He explains that all people can be divided into 5 main types. And each type needs his own method of communication. Let’s look at them.

1.  “Hurry up! Make it short! Come on!”

He is afraid to miss new opportunities, so he is willing to give a chance to anyone who get his attention and make him listen to you. But don’t expect that you’ll feel “special” in that moment. The motto for this type of person – Time is money!

Don’t even try to get the initiative in the conversation. This type of individual loves to take control of the situation. He will speak quickly and clever. He will observe a lot. And he won’t stop to remember you that he is spending time with you, by looking at watch once in a while.

Your tactics:

When he is inviting you to a meeting, he is expecting the positive ending. So go direct with your idea. Speak briefly and be on point and don’t fall to the law of triviality (we will talk about this law in our next blogs). Know exactly what you will talk about and avoid “the water”. Be clear about your big things at any levels. And always give a solution to something little, so you won’t spend time on that.

2. “What benefits can I get from this?”

They will accept any proposals in writing form only. They prefer to communicate through their secretary. When they confirm the meeting you definitely will feel like they are giving you a fever. Your dialogue will be nothing but the pure work with objections and criticism. Every your statement will meet a hundred and hundreds of arguments.
“You are mistaken”,” This is not gonna work”, “You not enough experienced to do that!” e.t.c.
But don’t take it personally. This is just a tactic to put you in a place and show that they are the one who has authority and knowledge.
The reality is this, often they don’t know much. They just don’t have enough time to cover everything, so they work with preconceptions on a regular basis.
However, it is not necessary to expose it! Work with it!

Your tactics:

You are dealing with superiority. Break his model of negotiations and power. Ask him to sit next to you on the sofa. Say that it’s necessary. Just find any excuse: you have a back pain, you need a socket for your laptop and the power cord is short, e. t. c. Be assertive and don’t take your opponent’s attacks too personally.

To be continued…



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