James Borg and his types of conversationalists… Part 2


In our previous blog, we start to discover the types of people according to James Borg theory.  He explains that all people can be divided into 5 main types. And each type needs his own method of communication. We also taught how critically important for the great first impression the process of adjustment to your partner.

Not a secret that we are more open and respective to the people and information that we like. Subconsciously we always will choose people who are similar to us. And information which is sounds familiar. This choice is connected to the point that when we relate to someone or something we feel confident.

To be on a friendly footing with people you’ll need to take their own unique method of communication. So they will feel connected with you from the very first moment.

S0, let’s continue…

3. “The cool guy”. 

He would listen to you carefully on the phone and ask you to meet him in person. He will be fun and easy to talk with. He would ask you to be informal and to call by his name. If he interested in you or your ideas he won’t play with you in cat-and-mouse! He will let you know immediately.

 Сommunication tactics

With this type of individual, you always will feel nice and beneficial. So try to be as honest and open, as you can. And don’t abuse his sincerity and hospitality.

4. Meticulous type.

He usually thinks and talks slowly.  By the moment when he is ready to communicate with you, he gathered  enough necessary information about topics of negotiation, you and your company. He likes to dig into the topics before he will talk. And he takes things literally. If you said that your meeting will last 30 minutes, he will listen to you exactly for 30 minutes. Any extra time will be just waste of a time and the reason to complain about. When the meeting is over he will ask you to write and send a list of the issues which were previously discussed. Make a note that all the things you said, he can forget. But the contents of the letter will be remembered for a long time. Before making a final decision, take some time to think about these issues … and get the approval from a third party. This can require a few meetings more. So please be patient.

 Сommunication tactics

Be completely opposite to him. Speak an average pace, and only when it’s necessary. Be clear and answer to the questions without doubts. Never interrupt him and never be late. After negotiations, pay particular attention to the final summary letter!

5. Pig in a poke. 

This “character” will try to use you by wearing the mast of a “nice guy”. He is interested only in his personal gain, and what can you do for that. He will use the ostentatious friendliness. However, he would not come out of his desk. He will scrutinize your business card, trying to determine the status of its owner. Most likely, he’ll ask some general questions to make you arrange for a frank conversation. If he decides that you are an important person and can feed his request for a personal gain, then you will be offered not the only cup of tea but even the cookies 😉 Otherwise, your conversation will be very cool and short.


 Сommunication tactics

Be careful with what you are saying and don’t trust a pair of pretty smiles. Don’t gossip and don’t say too much.  Do not lose self-control. Remember that he is watching you and waiting “the moment”. Stand up proud and know your worth. Usually, this type of people respects this quality. 

Now you know all 5 main types of people according to J.Borg theory and your communication tactics. It should help you to make the process of adjustment to your partner easier.

Good luck with trying and take care!

Let me know how it goes 😉





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