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I can! I will! I always do!


He is rational and lives here and now regardless of the past. He relies on logic and common sense. This role may well characterize the word “can”.

Today we are talking about an adult ego-state.

Adult ego state is leading the process of collection and processing information and assesses the probability, which is the basis for action.

Basically, this is an adult who is within us and comes when we are engaged in any activity that requires us to analyze the situation and make decisions.  Adult decides what behavior is most appropriate in the circumstances. When is needed to reject stereotypes and when is needed to include some.

MD, Ph.D. psychologist, and psychotherapist Michael Litvak describes this ego-state as follows: “An adult needs for survival. The child wants adult – performs. Adult crossing the street climbs into the mountains; the impression produces food, building shelter, making clothes, etc. Adult monitors actions of parents and child. The mottos for an adult are appropriate and helpful. “

From the perspective of an adult we “play” roles of a neighbor, a random fellow traveler, an employee (in front of a tough boss) who knows his own worth, etc.

Professions: diagnostician, biologist, economist, analysts, scientist, teacher, doctor etc.

An adult ego-state is a kind of barrier between the ego-states of parent and a child. He takes over control for these two and starts to regulate their activity.

Solution: if you are into a relationship with this responsible and mature type of person congratulations! He/she knows the real name of things and not afraid to face reality. It’s a great indicator that your partner is self-sufficient and independent. He/she will take responsibility without even asking.

But even thou, this type of a person look the most reasonable from all three ago-states, you can meet some exclusions.

In our next blogs, we will see some type of infections and elimination in the personality of our partners.

To be continued…