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Survival kit: advice for a lifetime!


Stop wasting your time on self-flagellation! No one is perfect! You worth so much more than you think! There are 6 best pieces of advice for a lifetime. Print it and put it next to your eyes, so every time you’ll have some doubts, you’ll know what to do!

  1. Act on it now! Don’t wait for a perfect moment. The perfect moment is here and now! Proceed immediately! If you want to do something great one day, remember one day It’s today. – George Lucas.
  2. Invent as you go! Don’t wait till you become a pro into something. If you want to try something new, start businesses, or enroll some educational program – allow yourself to learn in a process. Studies show that the most talented interpreters are the people who start their businesses with a high level of motivation and persistence. Most of the knowledge they have now were gutted in the process.
  3. Just keep doing! Give your dream at least an hour of your time, but every day. Persistence is the key to your success. Stay humble and work!
  4. Cry inside like a winner! 🙂 Well, what can I say? no one likes people who complains. Everyone have problems. If you able to get attention from the other person, use it to learn, gain, or sail something. Never complain. No one’s care! 🙂
  5. Give the price of your words! If you can’t keep your promises what kind of impression you’ll get? Same about people who likes to talk just for shaking the air to look cool. Words mean nothing! Don’t overtell! And if you a promising something – give a price of your words! Make a “contract” and find a third party to prove it! If you are planning to achieve your goal by the end of this year what will be your punishment if you fail? This is actually very cool system. You’ll have not only natural motivation but also people who will watch your success and the feelings of losing something important/expensive for you. (By the end of 2016 I will lose 25 pounds! And if I’ll fail I’ll give away my new Iphone7! How about that? Motivating isn’t it? 🙂 One little remark here, when you a giving a price to your promise this price would be equal to your outcome. In other words, the feeling of losing should be equal the happiness when you’ll achieve your goal.
  6. Do it fast! Don’t spend much time on taking a decision. There are lots of techniques that can help you with making a difficult decision, for example, Descartes square:desc_1But if you still can’t make a decision., leave it and think about it tomorrow. Next morning is the best time for your brain to make a decision, it’s free from pressure and excitement.
  7. What hurts you now, leads the wisdom later! And this is literally about everything! Take it to your own personal situation in the past and you’ll see.

Hope this will help you and take care:)


Your relationship healthy if…


Your relationship healthy if you can answer the following questions.

Before you make a serious commitment to be happy ever after ask each other these questions!

  1. Did I become a better person after meeting him/her?
  2. Can I be really me?
  3. Are we sharing the same values?
  4. Do I learn something with him/her? Am I grow with my partner?
  5. Do I get support and understanding?
  6. Did she/he inspire me on achieving something? Did she/he inspire me on reaching my dreams?
  7. Do we dream and planning together our future?

And here are some key points to make each other’s life easier  😉

Seek for a feedback. Sometimes we want to help so hard and be such a good person, that we don’t even pay attention to feelings of our partner. Just simply ask once in a while – “Was this day good for you? Did you enjoy? Were you interested?” No matter if you are traveling together or simply do something, always ask for a feedback.

Forgive unperfectness. He/she is not from your fantasies. These are real people. They don’t have to be exactly like you imagine. They have their own feelings! Forgive them moments of being sad or week. Don’t judge and don’t push them harder that they can handle. After their failure such words as – “Next time you’ll do better! I believe in you!” will put them in a bigger pressure than they are. It won’t help at all. Respect their feelings.

Don’t think he/she can read you. If you have something in mind – TELL THEM! Be sincere and clear. Help your partner to understand you better.

Improve yourself. Just be better. Yes, you are an amazing, beautiful, and smart person just the way you are… but  it’s always the room to work with.